Workplace compliance with the aim to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Advising employers on how to comply their business with regulatory requirements and recommendations with the aim to prevent the spread of infectious diseases COVID-19.

Akti i Dokumentacija
Normative Acts in the field of occupational safety and health

We prepare and draft all the necessary documentation in the field of occupational safety and health, such as: Act on risk assessment; Preparation and keeping of legally prescribed records; Instructions for safe and healthy work; Training program for employees in the field occupational safety and health for all occupational profiles, etc..

Inspection and check of work equipment and heavy-duty machines

We perform inspections and checks of work equipment in order to determine the application of measures for occupational safety and health on all heavy-duty machines such as: forklifts, cranes, electrical equipment, presses, construction elevators and lifts, welding machines, excavators, heat treatment apparatus, pipe bending machines, heat treatment machines, compressors, platforms, drilling machines, winches, loaders, silos, etc.

Coordination in the execution phase and in the project preparation phase on the construction sites

We are preparing and drafting a Plan of Preventive Measures and we provide a coordinator’s services in the execution phase on construction sites. The safety and health construction coordinator at the project execution phase, performs key activities to ensure that the project can be carried out without harm to health and safety.

Inspection and testing of electrical and lightning protection installations

We perform inspection and

testing of electrical and lightning protection system installations, in accordance with the SRPS EN 60364 and SRPS EN 62305


Inspection of personal protective equipment to prevent falls from a height

We inspect personal protective equipment to prevent falls from a height (belts, helmets, ropes, ascenders, descents, etc.). PPE can lose its effectiveness or become damaged due to exposure to grit, dirt, chemicals, UV light, misuse, or general wear and tear. That’s why regular inspections are essential for making sure that the PPE is fit for its purpose, in date, and

fully compliant.

Consulting and implementation of ISO 45001 standard

Preparation and implementation of documents in accordance with the requirements of ISO 45001 standard.

Translation of technical documentation

We do translation of technical documentation (instructions for use and maintenance of machines, instructions for safe and healthy work, etc.) that is in accordance with Article 24 of the Occupational Safety and Health Law.

Inspection of conditions of working environment

We perform inspection of the environmental conditions and the working conditions

(microclimate, lighting, chemical and physical hazards) To properly identify health risks and hazards from the work environment that may cause occupational disease or injury and institute prevention and control measures for these risks, our company, that is licensed to test all

working environmental conditions, from microclimate to biological damage, determines whether the prescribed measures of safety and health at work have been applied at the workplace and the environment.


Company ANNI-ZAŠTITA LTD BELGRADE is the legal entity licensed in the field of occupational safety and health and fire protection service.

The company was founded in 2007 in Belgrade.


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Rules, regulations, ordinances and laws, you can download in PDF format on our documentation page



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